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Press Release

 For Immediate Release                                                                                               AUG  18 , 2023



“ FIND YOUR LATITUDE”  THE FIFTH STUDIO ALBUM, AIRKRAFT and First All original release in 30 years.

 Pre Release single  Last Time OUT AUG 23 2023th 


Free Pre release link for listening “

 Album Pre Release and Single Release SHOW at WAUSAU WI 400 BLOCK WEDNESDAY AUG 23 WITH SPECIAL GUEST  The Fabulous Hellhounds. 6 pm TO 10 PM


Man of Honor Society, a Wausau-based organization made up of military personnel dedicated
to helping fellow veterans.




 “The band that had International success in Japan Germany and around the world is back , and sound is fresh.”

– Billboard 1991

“raw, direct, guitar-driven songs delivered with an intensity that leaves no room for doubt: Airkraft is as authentic as it gets.”


“distinctive sound combining classic rock and hints of soul”

– Alex H.  Universal Music Group  “ Just love the new music



Today, one of the top bands from Wisconsin announce the upcoming release of Find Your Latitude”, their  fifth studio album, and first all original release since 1991. This will be available September 15th via Sony Distribution on all sites. Airkraft is available for pre-order in all formats here, as the group share an additional tracks, “Last Time, Nija Warrior, and Dream Dreamer” available now.


Mitch Viegut shares, “we’ve always had a lot of mystery intentionally around the things we have done, but with this album, we decided to be all in. And doing that reminded me of what it was like when I first started playing music, writing for the heart not the radio .”

Mitch adds “since our last record, we’ve grown not only in age but with a seasoned sound..”

For their new release, the Airkraft enlisted Dave Roll the original Airkraft keyboard player, Ryan Korb of who we have gigs with for 15 years, Dave Soindon for the original Airkraft vocal sound.

Mitch Viegut  co-wrote every song on the album, including their single Last Time capturing the essence of vocal harmonies Airkraft is know for..

For years Airkraft was one of the hardest working bands , touring over 300 days per year. The latest realease fills timeless 80s sounds with new sounds on the 21 century.

“We are always pushing ourselves, always evolving and not afraid to change,” Dave Saindon says. “But at the end of the day, we are also who we are.”

“This is a defining record at this point in our career, where we needed to put it all on our shoulders,”.”



Airkraft Track Listing:
1. “Last Time “( Mitch Viegut, Dave Saindon)  Single Release  8-16-2023
2. “ Nija Warrior”  ( Mitch Viegut )

3. “ Dream Dreamer “  ( Mitch Viegut)

4. “Say a Prayer” ( Mitch Viegut)

5.  “World Keeps Spinning” ( Mitch Viegut)

6. “Far Side of the Moon” Dave Saindon

7.” Black Cat Kunundrum” ( Mitch Viegut )

8. “ Disco Sucks”  (Mitch Viegut)

Airkraft Tour Dates

Aug 23 2023

Wausau 400 Concert on the Square / Special Guests Hellhounds.

Future Tour being booked.

 Artist Bio


ABO    Emerging from the depths of an Eau Claire residence's basement, lifelong friends Mitch Viegut and Dave Saindon united in 1982 to establish the musical entity known as Airkraft. The early roster encompassed not only Mitch and Dave but also Drummer Mike Wood, Keyboardist Dave Roll, and Bassist Peter Phippen. Their inaugural single, "Alien Probe," launched in the same year, captivating airwaves and listeners alike with its innovative sound. The resonance of this groundbreaking track resonated deeply, as noted by John Price of the Leader Telegram in 1982: "Among college circles, Journey and Foreigner reign supreme, yet inquire of the younger crowd in this region's junior high and high schools about their favorite band, and more often than not, Airkraft will be the resounding response." The track "Alien Probe" swiftly ascended local radio charts, marking the beginning of Airkraft's ascendancy.

Subsequently, Airkraft introduced their inaugural 12-inch vinyl LP titled "Let’s Take Off," featuring additional talents including "Can't Run Away from Love" and "It’s Not So Easy" on 45 rpm singles, both of which garnered substantial airplay. In 1985, Airkraft unveiled "Never Too Late" and Radio Rock singles.

The year 1986 witnessed the release of their second vinyl opus, "Proximity," complemented by the release of the single "Make Believe," an impassioned power ballad that rapidly claimed the top slot on numerous Wisconsin and Midwest radio stations. An accompanying video was filmed during a live performance at the Athens Community Hall.

Further tracks from the "Proximity" LP, including "Radio Rock," received acclaim, while the momentum of Airkraft's success propelled them to extensive touring across the Midwest in 1985 and 1986. With over 310 performances annually, the band became a fixture across locales such as Wichita, KS, St. Louis, MO, and countless towns in between.

In the wake of ceaseless touring, Airkraft unveiled their eponymous LP and CD, with the lead single "Footsteps" earning accolades from esteemed critics in national publications. The release captured the hearts of fans globally, with recognition from magazines like Germany's Kerrang and England's Boulevard cultivating a new overseas fanbase.

By 1991, Airkraft inked a deal with CURB Records / CBS International, expanding their repertoire to encompass tracks like 'Someday (You'll Come Runnin'),' 'Love Has No Mercy,' and 'Heaven.' Their rendition of "Someday You’ll Come Running" was met with praise as the album's debut single, garnering widespread acclaim on the national stage. The subsequent single "Somewhere" echoed across more than 130 US stations and surged on Gavin's Radio charts.

Following a triumphant journey, Airkraft achieved an unforgettable milestone when their track "Feed Me to the Fire" was adopted as the theme song for FOX Television's FIRE RESCUE. Critics who witnessed Airkraft's live performances consistently hailed their prowess, with Bruce Vance of Madison News eloquently asserting, "Anticipating echoes of Journey and Foreigner, I was surprised to find Airkraft stand uniquely, a band whose remarkable talent forms their own distinct sound and appeal." In 1995, the original Airkraft lineup concluded their touring pursuits, marking a significant chapter in the band's trajectory.   WWW.

Contact for more information.

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