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Airkraft " Let"s Take Off


Airkraft " IN THE RED"


"Best of Airkraft"


Airkraft "Airkraft"


Airkraft "Proximity"


    1. Its Not so Easy
    2. Shes Rock
    3. Thought
    4. Your My girl
    5. Lets Take Off
    6. How Does it Feel
    7. Cant Run away From Love
    8. Tearing me Apart
    9. Gimme your Number
    1. Someday You'll Come Runnin
    2. Heaven
    3. Love Has no Mercy
    4. Somewhere
    5. 85 MPH
    6. Oh NO!
    7. Feed Me to the Fire
    8. Trouble!
    9. Tonight
    10. Say Goodby
    1. Alien Probe
    2. 85 MPH
    3. Somewhere
    4. Footsteps
    5. It's not so easy
    6. Make Believe
    7. Tonight
    8. Lets Take off
    9. Someday You'll come Running
    10. Midnight Confessions
    11. Broken Ships
    1. Thief in the Night 5:17
    2. Footsteps 4:26
    3. Make Believe 2 3:28
    4. Rock City 3:29
    5. Midnight Confessions 3:23
    6.One of a Kind 3:40
    7. Trapped in a Barrier 4:11
    8. Completely to You 4:36
    9. Giving Up On Love 2:51




    1. Radio Rock
    2. Riot
     3. Make Believe
     4. Come Right Back
    5.   245
     6. So much to say
     7. How Was I to Know
    8.Man in the Mirror
    10. Storybook Love


    of Airkraft

    Based in Wausau and EauClaire Wi


    Born in the basement of an EauClaire household, high school buddies Mitch Viegut and Dave Saindon formed Airkraft in 1982. Early members included Drummer Mike Wood and Keyboardist Dave Roll in addition to Bassist Peter Phippen. In 1982 Airkraft released their 1st Single “Alien Probe". Radio stations and fans embraced the new sounding song. John Price of the Leader Telegram writes in 1982 "Ask any college kid who is their favorite band adn you'll hear Journey or Foreigner , but ask any junior high or high school students in this area who is their favorite band and chances are the reply will be Airkraft". Soon after the Air Kraft released their first LP “Let’s Take Off”. Two other 45 rpm single releases " Can't run away from love" and "It’s not so Easy" followed from Lets Take Off with strong Wisconsin airplay. 1986 Airkraft release " Proximity" with the 45 single "Make Believe" wich soon became the number 1 song on many Wisconsin radio stations. Other singles released from the Proximity LP were "Radio Rock" . In 1985 45 rpm"Never to Late" was realeased on single only.. In 1989 Airkraft started touring heavily across the Midwest, logging over 310 performances per year! Places like Wichita KS , St. Louis Mo and seemingly every other town between became everyday travels. Soon the self entitled "Airkraft" LP and CD were released.. The first single from Airkraft Air kraft "Footsteps" received strong critic’s picks in national magazines and started the group with a new allegance of fans.Airkraft continued performing in every major market in the Midwest from Denver to Indianapolis , St Louis to Minneapolis promoting the record. Constant touring built legions of fans and many great friends in radio and at performances many who still keep in touch today. In 1991 Airkraft signed with CURB records and added to their original songs a version of the Judith Randall penned 'Someday (You'll Come Runnin'), previously covered by British outfit FM on their 'Tough It Out' album and another track on the 'In The Red' album, namely 'Love Has No Mercy', whilst the team of SURGIN's Jack Ponti, Vic Pepe and STAN BUSH contributed 'Heaven'. "Someday You’ll Come Running" was the CD's first single and received great reviews nationaly in the Album network. The second single released was written by Mitch Viegut called" Somewhere" was added on over 130 US stations topping out in Gavins Radio reports top 40. Billboard magazine gave "Somewhere" the critics pick and "In The Red" began selling well in Europe and well as America. Gavin Report, Radio and Records followed Britain’s Boulevard, Germanys Kerrang, Japans BURN magazines with five star reviews and sales boomed overseas. Soon after "Feed me to the Fire" was picked up to be FOX Televisions FIRE RESCUES theme song. Critics who saw Airkraft live always gave rave reviews. Bruce Vance of Madison news said it well "I was expecting a band to sound anemic like Journey and Foreigner, but I soon realized these guys don’t need to ride the coat tails of anybody, Airkraft is an exceptionally talented band that has a sound, style and appeal all their own" . In 1995 Airkraft fell to the changing sounds of music and performed its final show opening for Cheap Trick, Jefferson Starship and Pat Benetar.


    Peter Phippen 1987

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